#5 Troubleshooting & Ongoing Management

Environmental Consultants

Our business is delivering environmental planning, assessment, approvals and management for a wide range of projects and programs. Our specialised expertise and experience complements our clients’ skills.

Environmental Consultants      

Seran offers the following services:

  • Environmental compliance delivery (plans, systems, audits and reports)
  • Issues management including acid sulphate soils, native vegetation, threatened species, water quality and cultural heritage
  • Liaising with the government and regulatory authorities to achieve agreed environmental outcomes
  • Working with the client team to design and implement feasible solutions
  • Managing approvals and notices, including planning approvals, works approvals, cultural heritage, native vegetation, flora and fauna and pollution abatement notices

What our clients say

Seran is a trusted and knowledgeable pathfinder, guiding clients to excellent outcomes. In independent research, clients say that Seran is:

  • Highly experienced in navigating government and accessing appropriate expert resources
  • Consistently reliable in delivering the highest quality work to deadline
  • Extremely knowledgeable

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Recent projects we have worked on:

  • Victorian Desalination Project
  • Regional Rail Link
  • Channel Deepening Project

Our clients include:

  • John Holland
  • Port of Melbourne Corporation
  • Thiess
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment
  • Department of Transport